Who Qualifies:

  • All Music Students ages 8-18. 
  • Currently enrolled in a music program or with private instructor for at least one year. 
  • Any genre of music
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Parent or student are required to volunteer minimum of 2 hours within their scholarship period. (Example, helping at show, hanging posters, social media or marketing support).


Based upon available resources, PROWUS is pleased to be able to provide scholarships for students ages 8-18 in the Portland metro area. These scholarships are based on a review of the applicant's completed application.

To evaluate your application students are required to:

  • Submit last year’s household tax forms, pay stubs and any information that shows need. 
  • Two references from instructors or mentors.
  • Transcripts from current semester.
  • A written essay from applicant.  
  • A completed Application form.

All items are mandatory and your application will be considered incomplete until all those items are not submitted. Once the complete application package is received on or before the deadline of May 1st, 2017 it can take at least 2-4 weeks to process and review.


●       Select Scholarship level or levels that you would like to apply for (only one scholarship awarded per individual per round).  Each round is a 6 month period and is required to re-apply every round.

●       Fill out scholarship form (Make sure to send ALL pages.)

  • Proof of Income-Submit household tax forms, pay stubs and any information that shows need.
  • Transcript of current semester grades.
  • Make sure school or instructor where scholarship money will be sent is selected.
  • Essay (can be video essay or written).

●       Two instructors or references should fill out the reference form provided below with signatures. Give instructors plenty of time to fill out and return before deadline date.  Referrals will not be accepted after deadline.

NOTE: They can send an electronic copy to or mail postmarked by May 1st to PROWUS, Grant Committee, P.O. Box 14115 Portland, OR 97293.

Students and parents will be notified via Email or Phone if scholarship is awarded.

Checks will be sent directly to instructor or school you designated on application form after a signed agreement is sent back from parents/student.


NEW apply for any/all that apply! (NOTE: only one grant will be awarded per applicant, per award cycle.)

Emerging Artist$250-500 award for artists age 8-18, with a least one year of music school or private instruction. 

Female Artist: $1,000 award for female identified artists age 10-18, with at least one year of music school or private instruction.

Recording Artist$1,000 award for artists age 10-18, with at least one year of music school or private instruction, who are actively making/writing/recording music.


Please have your references fill out the required form (CLICK HERE)